Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion for Rearrange the sentence


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Degree 3rd Year Compulsory English Suggestion and Answer

Degree 3rd Year English final Suggestion 2022 has been already published by We have made an exclusive and most commonly English Rearrange the sentence suggestion for the Degree Final year examination 2022.

Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion for Rearrange the sentence

Our expert teachers worked very hard to make the super suggestion. We have gathered full suggestions. We publish the nu degree 3rd Year Rearrange the sentence English suggestions here.

The 3rd-year Degree examination is knocking at the doors. All Students are waiting for the final exam. As you know, it is one of the highest endeavor examinations at the Degree level, and they are very excited and scared. But a complete exclusive English suggestion can ease the degree 3rd-year final exam situation.

Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022- Changing Word.

Are you Finding  a 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022? This post is about Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022- Rearrange . I hope By reading this article, you will be highly motivated and confident.

Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022 PDF Download

There are a lot of students who are going to sit for the final examination. There is a short time or not enough time  in students’ hands and they need a 3rd year Degree suggestion and solution 2022 and also it is the high time/best time to take final preparation in the final exam. Though time is short, one can take full and final preparation if he or she makes a proper division of time, follow degree final year English suggestions and Anss, keep notes from before and read best on/following. So, from the list below select your Degree final year english suggestion for Rearrange the sentence.

Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion for Rearrange the sentence

In this article, I am sharing the National University Degree Final Year English Rearrange the sentence Suggestion 2022 for an upcoming exam. You may also check Degree 3rd-year routine 2021 here. If you’re looking for a degree question suggestion for 2022, then you’re the perfect place.

NU Degree final Year English Suggestion and solution 2022

English is the compulsory subject in Degree 3rd year. But the National University Degree 3rd year syllabus is too long. That’s why students are always looking for a Degree 3rd year English Suggestion 2022 for their exam. I hope this Degree final year English short suggestion will help you in your exam hall In Sha Allah. Check all the important Essays for your English exam.

If you follow this suggestion, I Hope 90% will be common on your National University Degree 3rd year final Exam. I know every exam suggestion is very helpful for any examination. I hope This Degree Final Year English suggestion will help you.

National University Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022

This article is for only those who are looking for a National University Degree 3rd Year English Suggestions. The final year exam is the last exam of NU graduation. So, you just need to get a good result in your final exam. Check out the degree exam suggestion Rearrange the sentence and solution 2022.

Degree Final Year English Rearrange Suggestion and answer 2022

Rearrange the words to make sentences

1. Discovered, Columbus, America.

Ans: Columbus discovered America.

বাংলা: কলম্বাস আমেরিকা আবিষ্কার করেছিল।

2.a,was, Socrates, the,son, sculptor, of.

Ans: Socrates was the son of a sculptor.

বাংলা: সক্রেটিস ছিলেন একজন ভাস্কর পুত্র।

3. the, is, capital, Dhaka, of, Bangladesh. 

Ans : Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.

বাংলা: ঢাকা বাংলাদেশের রাজধানী।

4. morning, he,up, gets,the,in,early. 

Ans: He gets up early in the morning. 

বাংলা: সে খুব ভোরে উঠে পড়ে।

5. swim,how,know, nothe, to, does.

Ans: He does not know how to swim.

বাংলা: সে কীভাবে সাঁতার কাটতে হয় তা জানে না।

6. child, loves, mother,every, her.

Ans : Every mother loves her child.

 বাংলা: প্রত্যেক মা তার সন্তানকে ভালবাসেন। 

7. sin,tell,to,great, lica,is,a.

Ans: To tell a lie is a great sin.

বাংলা: মিথ্যা বলা মহা পাপ।

8. it, think, he,that, did, I 

Ans. I think that he did it. 

বাংলা আমার মনে হয় সে এটা করেছে।,at,root,health, of happiness, the. 

Ans: Health is at the root of all happiness.

বাংলা স্বাস্থ্য সব সুত্রে মূলে। can without.prosper,nation, educat ion.

Ans: No nation can prosper without


বাংলা: কোন জাতি শিক্ষা ছাড়া উন্নতি করতে পারে না।

11. wants, on everybody earth, happy, to,be.

Ans: Everybody on earth wants to be happy.

বাংলা: পৃথিবীর সবাই সুখী হতে চায়।,a is,problem, great, drain, brain. 

Ans: Today brain drain is a great problem.

বাংলা: আজকাল ব্রেইন ড্রেন একটি দুর্দান্ত সমস্যা।

13. known.of. popular, Shakespeare, world, is,most,as,the,the, dramatist.

Ans: Shakespeare is known as the most popular dramatist of the world.

বাংলা; শেক্সপিয়ার বিশ্বের সর্বাধিক জনপ্রিয় নাট্যকার হিসাবে পরিচিত।

14.persia,was, greatest, Ferdousi,of,the,o ne,poets,of.

Ans: Ferdousi was one of the greatest poets of Persia.

বাংলা: ফেরদৌসী ছিলেন পারস্যের অন্যতম সেৱা কবি।

15. beautiful, flower, is, what,a, it!

Ans: What a beautiful flower it is! 

বাংলা: কী সুন্দর ফুল!

16.a,corruption, big,in,problem is countr y, our.

Ans: Corruption is a big problem in our country.

বাংলা: দুর্নীতি আমাদের দেশে একটি বড় সমস্যা।

17. beast, man, like, is,addicted,a,an,

Ans: An addicted man is like a beast.

বাংলা: আসক্ত মানুষটি হ’ল জন্তুটির মতো। 

18. child,as,a,she, innocent, is,as.

Ans: She is as innocent as a child.

বাংলা: তিনি সন্তানের মতো নির্দোষ।,in,of, South.east,the Asia.

Ans: Bangladesh is in the south-east of Asia.

বাংলা: বাংলাদেশ এশিয়ার দক্ষিণ-পূর্বে।

20.good, vegetables,for,green,are,health.

 Ans: Green vegetables are good for health.

বাংলা: সবুজ শাকসবজি স্বাস্থ্যের জন্য ভাল।

21.Polluted,is, very harmful,water,health , to.

Ans: Polluted water is very harmful to health.

বাংলা: দূষিত জল স্বাস্থ্যের জন্য অত্যন্ত ক্ষতিকারক।

22. computer Modem, is, wonderful. of invention, a,science.

Ans: Computer is a wonderful invention of modern science.

বাংলা: কম্পিউটার আধুনিক বিজ্ঞানের এক বিস্ময়কর আবিষ্কার

23. time, should utilize,our,we. 

Ans: We should utilize our time properly.

বাংলা: আমাদের উচিত সময়কে সঠিকভাবে কাজে লাগানো।

24. lies, in, contentment, happiness. 

Ans: Happiness lies in contentment.

বাংলা: সুখ সন্তুষ্টির মূল।

25. know,the,motto,thyself,to, of,Socrate s, was. 

Ans: To know thyself was the motto of Socrates.

বাংলা: সক্রেটিসের মূলমন্ত্র ছিল নিজেকে জানো।

26. sour,taste, green,mangoes.

Ans: Green mangoes taste sour.

বাংলা: সবুজ আমের স্বাদ টক।

27. a man, demoralizes, frustration.

Ans: Frustration demoralizes a man.

বাংলা: হতাশা একজন মানুষকে হতাশ করে।

28. in, first, calendar, is, Baisakh month,Bangla, the.

Ans: Boishakh is the first month in the Bangla calendar.

বাংলা: বৈশাখ বাংলা ক্যালেন্ডারে প্রথম মাস।

29. many,inspent,years, Canada, he

Ans: He spent many years in Canada.

বাংলা; তিনি বহু বছর কানাডায় কাটিয়েছেন।

30. wrong, he, that, he did, know. 

Ans: He knew that he did wrong.

বাংলা: সে জানত যে সে অন্যায় করেছে।

31. golden, Bangladesh,is, called, of jute,t he,fiber.

Ans: Jute is called the golden fibre of Bangladesh.

বাংলা: পাটকে সোনালী আঁশ বলা হয়।

32.the, brave, favors, fortune.

Ans: Fortune favors the brave.

বাংলা: ভাগ্য সাহসীদের পক্ষে থাকে।

33. is, to,industry, the, success, key.

Ans: Industry is the key to success.

বাংলা: শিল্প সাফল্যের মূল চাবিকাঠি।

34.Independence,the,of,is,man,a,right, birth.

Ans: Independence is the birth right of a man.

বাংলা: স্বাধীনতা একটি মানুষের জন্মগত অধিকার।

35.the blessings, we, of, enjoy, science,

Ans: We enjoy the blessings of science.

বাংলা; আমরা বিজ্ঞানের আশীর্বাদ উপভোগ করি।

36. duties, not, we, neglect, should our.

Ans: We should not neglect our duties.

বাংলা: আমাদের কর্তব্যকে অবহেলা করা উচিত নয়।,habbit, excellent, reading, an, books. 

Ans: Reading books is an excellent habit.

বাংলা: বই পড়া একটি দুর্দান্ত অভ্যাস।, in,there,our,six,seasons.

Ans: There are six seasons in our country.

বাংলা: আমাদের দেশে ছয়টি ঋতু রয়েছে।

39.going, he,my,to, insisted, on, Sylhet.

Ans: He insisted on going to Sylhet.

বাংলা: তিনি আমার সিলেট যাওয়ার জন্য জোর দিয়েছিলেন।

40.our,of, the country, hot,climate, is. 

Ans: The climate of our country is hot.

বাংলা: আমাদের দেশের জলবায়ু গরম।

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