Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022- Changing Word.


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Degree 3rd Year Compulsory English Suggestion and answer 2022- Changing Word.

Degree 3rd Year English final Suggestion 2022 has been already published by We have made an exclusive and most commonly English suggestion for the Degree Final year examination 2022.

Our expert teachers worked very hard to make the super suggestion. We have gathered full suggestions. We publish the 3rd Year English suggestions here.

The 3rd-year Degree examination is knocking at the doors. All Students are waiting for the final exam. As you know, it is one of the highest endeavor examinations at the Degree level, and they are very excited and scared. But a complete exclusive English suggestion can ease the degree 3rd-year final exam situation.

Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022- Changing Word.

Are you Finding  a 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022? This post is about Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022- Changing Word. I hope By reading this article, you will be highly motivated and confident.

Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022 PDF Download

There are a lot of students who are going to sit for the final examination. There is a short time or not enough time  in students’ hands and they need a 3rd year Degree suggestion and solution 2022 and also it is the high time/best time to take final preparation in the final exam. Though time is short, one can take full and final preparation if he or she makes a proper division of time, follow degree final year English suggestions and answers, keep notes from before and read best on/following. So, from the list below select your Degree final year english suggestion for changing words.

In this article, I am sharing the National University Degree Final Year English Suggestion 2022 for an upcoming exam. You may also check Degree 3rd-year routine 2021 here. If you’re looking for a degree question suggestion for 2022, then you’re the perfect place.

NU Degree final Year English Suggestion and solution 2022

English is the compulsory subject in Degree 3rd year. But the National University Degree 3rd year syllabus is too long. That’s why students are always looking for a Degree 3rd year English Suggestion 2022 for their exam. I hope this Degree final year English short suggestion will help you in your exam hall In Sha Allah. Check all the important Essays for your English exam.

If you follow this suggestion, I Hope 90% will be common on your National University Degree 3rd year final Exam. I know every exam suggestion is very helpful for any examination. I hope This Degree Final Year English suggestion will help you.

National University Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2022

This article is for only those who are looking for a National University Degree 3rd Year English Suggestions. The final year exam is the last exam of NU graduation. So, you just need to get a good result in your final exam. Check out the degree exam suggestion and solution 2022.

Degree Final Year English Suggestion 2022

*Changing word*

  • Changing word এর মধ্যে যা যা পড়তে হবে।

1.Noun(2টি আসবে)

2.Verb(1/2 আসবে)

3. Adjective (1 টি আসবে)

30টি Changing Word পড়লেই 4টি Changing Word আসবেই।

  • শব্দের শেষে meant, in, ty, th, sion, ness, hood, ship, dom, ce, ism, ist,age,er,or, tude,ure,al(verb+al),ing(gerung)যুক্ত করে Noun করতে হয়।

1. Prefer(Noun)-Preference.Sentence: Rakib’s preference is known to all.

2.Important(Noun)-importance. Sentence: Her importance is known to all.

3. Evolve(Noun)-evolution. Sentence: Her evolution is not so good.

4. Die(Noun)-death. Sentence: Death is preferable to dishonor.

5.Classify(Noun)-Classification.Sentence: Her classification is not so good.

6. Extend(Noun)-Extension. Sentence: Rakib’s extension is known to all.

7. Believe(Noun)-belief. Sentence: Her belief is not so good.

8.Difficult(Noun)-difficulty. Sentence: Her difficulty is known to all.

9.Desirable(Noun)-desire. Sentence: Her desire is not so good.

10.National(Noun)-nationality. Sentence: Rakib’s nationality is known to all.

11.Beautiful(Noun)-beauty. Sentence: Her beauty is known to all.

12.Choose(Noun)-choice.Sentence: Her choice is not so good.

13.Social(Noun)-society. Sentence: we live in society.

14.Please(Noun)-pleasure. Sentence: Her pleasure is known to all.

15.Submit(Noun)-submission. Sentence: Rakib’s submission is not so good.

16.Invite(Noun)-invitation. Sentence: His invitation is not so good.

17.Interlligent(Noun)-intelligence.Sentence: Rakib’s intelligence is known to all.

18.Persuade(Noun)-persuasion.Sentence: His persuasion is not so good.

  • শব্দের শেষে  en, ise/ize, ify, ish, ate   যুক্ত করে Verb করতে হয়।আবার কখনো কখনো শব্দের আগে en, em, be যুক্ত করে Verp করতে হয়।

19.Weak(Verb)-weaken. Sentence: He should not weaken in learning English.

20.Rich(Verb)-Enrich. Sentence: He should enrich English.

21.Realization(Verb)-Realize.Sentence:He should realize the matter.

22.Exposure(Verb)-expose.Sentence:we should expose the matter.

23.Speech(Verb)-Speak. Sentence: He should speak in English.

24.Education(Verb)-Educate.Sentence: He should educate her child.

25.Rich(Verb)-Enrich. Sentence:He should enrich English.

26.Noble(Verb)-ennoble.Sentence:He should enable her mind.

27.Beauty(Verb)-beautify. Sentence:He should beautify the garden.

28.Classification(Verb)-classify. Sentence: He should classify the lesson.

29.Sure(Verb)-ensure.Sentence:He should ensure the deal.

30.Book(Verb)-book.Sentence:He should have booked her luggage.

31.Courage(Verb)-encourage. Sentence:He should encourage in danger.

32.Strong(Verb)-strengthen. Sentence:He should strengthen her body.

33.Beauty(Verb)-beautify.Sentence:He should beautify the garden.

34.Large(Verb)-enlarge.Sentence:He should enlarge the report.

35.Weight(Verb)-weigh.Sentence:he should weigh the paddy.

36.Moist(Verb)-moisten. Sentence:He should moisten her skin.

37.Answer(Verb)-answer. Sentence: He should answer the question.

38.Character(Verb)-characterize.Sentence: He should characterize the issue.

  • শব্দের শেষে  able, tory, tive, ful, ed, nt, ish, less, ary, ar, ing(participle),al(noun+all, যুক্ত করে Adjective করতে হয়।

9.Wisdom(Adj)-Wish. Sentence: Rakib is very wish.,

0.Progress(Adj)-Progressive.Sentence:Rakib is very progressive.,

1.Independent(Adj)-independent. Sentence: He is independent in his work.,

2.Disaster(Adj)-disastrous.Sentence:Flood is very disastrous.5,

3.Community(Adj)-Communal. Sentence: He is very communal.,

4.Use(Adj)-Usual.Sentence: The pen is very usual.,

5.Education(Adj)-educative. Sentence: He is an educative person.,

6.Duty(Adj)-dutiful.Sentence: He is very dutiful.,

6.Pride(Adj)-proud. Sentence: He is proud of her son.,

7.Trouble(Adj)-troublesome. Sentence: He is very troublesome.5,

8.Duty(Adj)-dutiful. Sentence: Rakib is very dutiful.,

9.Friend(Adj)-friendly. Sentence:He is very friendly to all.,

0.Child(Adj)-childish. Sentence: He is very childish.,

1.digit(Adj)-digital.Sentence: Her work is very digital.,

2.Pleasure(Adj)-pleasing. Sentence: Rakib is very pleasing.,

3.Knowledge(Adj)-knowledgeable.Sentence: Rakib is very knowledgeable.,

4.Friend(Adj)-Friendly. Sentence : Rakib is very friendly.,

5.Honour(Adj)-honourable. Sentence: He is very honourable.,

6.Pride(Adj)-pound. Sentence: He is proud of her son.,

7.Danger(Adj)-dangerous. Sentence: Smoking is very dangerous.5,

8.Society(Adj)-social. Sentence: Rakib is social man.,

9.Passion(Adj)-passionate. Sentence: He is very passionate.,

0.Charity(Adj)-charitable. Sentence: Rakib is very charitable.,

1.Tolerance(Adj)-tolerant. Sentence: He is very tolerant.,

  • Adverb: Adjective এর শেষে ly যুক্ত করে Adverb করতে হয়।টেকনিকঃ আগে দেখতে হবে Word টি কোন  parts of speechরয়েছে।  যদি Adjective এ থাকে তাহলে শুধু ly যুক্ত করলে adverb হয়ে যাবে।কিন্তু যদি none,verb এ থাকে তাহলে প্রথমে আগে word টি কে প্রথমে adjective করতে হবে তারপর ly যুক্ত করে দিলেই adverb হয়ে যাবে।

62.Success(Adv)-Successfully.Sentence: Rakib did the work successfully.

63.Nation(Adv)-Nationally. Sentence: He is a Bangladeshi nationally.

64.Moral(Adv)-morally. Sentence: He did the work morally.

65.Kindness(Adv)-kindly. Sentence: He helped the poor kindly.

66.Thought(Adv)-thoughtfully.Sentence:He finished the work thoughtfully.

68.Thoughtful(Adv)-thoughtfully.Sentence:He finished the work thoughtfully.

69.usual(Adv)-usually. Sentence: He did the work usually.

70.Anger(Adv)-angrily. Sentence: He did the work angrily.

  • Sentence তৈরি করার নিয়ম

Word টি none হলে বাক্য হবেঃ

1.His/Her/Rakib’s + Noun+ is not so good. Ex: Her enjoyment is not so good.

2.His/Her/Rakib’s +Noun is known to all. Ex: Rakib’s movement is known to all.

Word টি verb হলে বাক্য হবেঃ

He/She/Rakib+Should/Would+Verb +Obj. Ex:He should learn English.

Word টি Adjective হলে বাক্য হবেঃ

He/She/Rakib Be verb+Very+Adjective.         Ex:Rakib is very careful.

Word টি Adverb হলে বাক্য হবেঃ

He/She/Rakib+did/finished+obj+Adverb.Ex:Rakib did the work carefully.

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