Robi Internet Offer | All Robi Internet Package List 2022


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All Robi Internet Package List 2022

Drink to this Robi offer post. In this post, we explain all the low prices and stoners profitable Robi internet offer 2022. Most of the Regular Robi internet pack stoners search swish Robi Net packages. we help you buy the swish cheap price Robi offers. There are lots of offers available in Robi BD. 

 About Robi 

 Robi is known as the second largest telecommunication company in Bangladesh. This company is well known in all fields of Bangladesh. They presently give4.5 G network services for guests. Guests are truly happy as their network service is adding day by day. We hope Robi will spread their network services across the country. 

 What is Robi? 

Robi is the most popular and 2nd largest mobile motorist company in Bangladesh. 

 This mobile motorist with50.9 million subscribers at the end of December 2020. In 1997, Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh) started its motor service under the brand name AKtel’. 

 In 2010, it was renamed as Robi and the company was renamed Robi Axiata Limited. 

 Robi internet offer 2022 

Robi stoners can buy Daily internet offers, diurnal offers, 15 days validity internet offers and monthly internet offers. 

 In this post, we explain all types of Robi internet packages. Robi’s most popular offer is the pack offer also. 

 What is the Robi pack offer? 

 Pack means having further than one product in one offer. Similar offers are available on Robi offers. 

If you need the swish offer in Robi you can activate Robi monthly internet pack offer. 

 There are 2 kinds of pack offers available on Robi sim. Some offers give farther internet data, with lower beats. Again some offers have farther beats, where the amount of internet is less. 

 Most internet stoners love Robi 30 days validity internet pack. Robi Internet Offer List 2022 Post I will bat all Robi offers one by one. 

 Robi Recharge internet offer 2022 

Above all, Robi guests prefer to buy internet packs through recharge. For this, I will inform you about the Robi recharge internet offer list at the morning of this post. 

Robi Internet Offer | All Robi Internet Package List 2022
Robi Internet Offer

This image is the latest Robi sanctioned bill. if you do n’t know how to buy Robi internet packages? 

 See the whole internet pack list and handpick the swish bone for you. Just recharge the right amount from Robi Top-Up. In this process, you will activate the swish deal for you. 

 Robi Social Data Offer 

 Robi Social Data offer is only devoted to social media users.However, WhatsApp and IMO, If you are regularly using different social media like Facebook. The following packages are the swish options for you. You can choose any package according to your demand. 

Robi internet offer

100 MB at 10 BDT 

 This is the lowest social media pack for the guests. By twiddling this package, A user will get 60 MB data for any website and 40 MB for Facebook and WhatsApp. Telephone 123 * 0010# to spark the offer. The offer will valid for 3 days only 

 200 MB at 19 BDT 

 Robi stoner can enjoy 200 MB for 19 BDT. According to the Robi announcement, in this offer, one can enjoy 100 MB of any net Data and 100 MB of Facebook and WhatsApp data. You can easily spark it by dialing * 123 * 019#. This data will be valid for 3 days. 

350 MB IMO Pack 

 Like Facebook and Whatsapp, Robi also provides the IMO pack of 350 MB. It costs 20 BDT. It will be valid for 28 days from the date of activation. To spark this pack, telephone * 123 * 56# 

350 MB Facebook & Whatsapp 

 Robi internet provides provocative Facebook and WhatsApp packages for the stoners. With 18 BDT you will get 350 MB Data for Facebook and WhatsApp. For browsing other data, the standard data rate will be applicable. 28 Days validity will be given 

800 MB@ 49 BDT 

 Like scrape card offers, this offer is also furnishing the same amount of Data. 600 MB of web runner data and 200 MB for FB and IMO. For the activation of this pack, telephone * 123 * 049# 

Robi Internet Offer | All Robi Internet Package List 2022
Robi Internet Offer

20 GB Data Offer 

 Robi recently released a 20 GB robi internet package? Offers a wide variety of internet offers for guests. Still, this internet offer is a bit different from other packages.However, also this offer will be excellent, If a customer is looking for an internet offer for a period of 1 month. 

It’s longer than other Internet packages. You can buy a 20 GB Internet pack for only 911 Tk for 30 days. Telephone * 123 * 0996# to avail the offer. The validity of the data is 30 days. 

 SMS balance check * 222 * 12# 

 Minute balance check * 222 * 8# 

 Internet balance check * 8444 * 88# 

Robi 32 TK recharge offer| 1 GB internet 

 Yes, a 3 days short period internet pack starts at just 31 TK. Recharge 31 taka to spark the offer. Validity 3 days. 

Robi offer

 You can buy this Robi 1 GB offer in multitudinous farther ways. 

 For illustration, you can buy from Robi mobile app, bKash/ Rocket/ Cash, and other mobile banking or internet banking services. 

Robi 57 TK recharge offer| 3 GB pack 

 Multitudinous Robi guests know that Robi is offering 57 Taka 2 GB internet. 

 In this pack Robi Internet offers 2021, you will get 3 GB of internet. 

 Robi is offering 2 GB regular 2G/ 3G data and 1 GB 4G internet data at 57 Tk 3 GB offer. Validity 3 days. 

 Recharge 57 Taka to buy this offer. Or you can buy in any other system, but in the direct recharge system, you will get 3 GB in full. 

 Robi 4 GB internet package 

 The swish Robi 4G pack is Robi 64 taka recharge offer is a popular Robi net offer. Robi heavy net stoners pack is 64 Taka 4 GB offer. 

 To buy this offer just recharge 64 Taka. 

3 GB regular pack with 1 GB free, total 4 GB internet. 

 validity 3 days. 

 Robi 10 GB offer 

 Utmost stoners daily internet offer is Robi 114 TK recharge offer. Most of the Robi 7 days package stoners use this offer. 

robi internet offer

Robi guests know that Robi offers 8 GB of internet for 114 Taka. But now Robi is offering you 10 GB of internet for 114 TK. 

 To buy this Robi 10 GB offer just recharge 114 Taka. 

 8 GB regular pack with 2 GB free 4g data, total 10 GB internet. 

 validity 7 days. 

Robi 30 GB offer 

 Still, you are in the right place, if you need a Robi internet offer for a 30 days pack. Robi 349 TK internet offer validity is 28 days. 

 But this offer is called Robi’s swish monthly internet offer 2022. 

 Robi only internet package that provides you full 30 GB of internet data without any kind of limitation. 

When this offer first started in Robi, this offer was 30 GB internet at 1 GB per day. 

 After that, this offer was changed again to 4 corridors and 7 GB per week. 

 Still, at present Robi guests are being offered 30 GB of the internet without any limit. 

 To buy this Robi 30 GB offer just recharge 349 Taka. 

30 GB regular pack with. 

 validity 28 days. 

 Robi internet offer new list 

 All the Robi internet offers in this list are also running on Robi SIM. Although you do not see these offers in the Robi offer bill. 

For that reason, you can also get these offers. But maybe you do n’t get all the offers. But ultimately the offers are applicable to all Robi guests. 

 Robi internet offer 2022 Activation 

 Robi1.1 GB Offer 7 Days 

 With 101 Taka, a Robi customer can buy1.1 GB of Internet data for 7 Days. You will admit this offer by dialing * 123 * 101#. 

1.5 GB Robi Internet Offer 

1.5 GB Robi Internet Offer can be bought online or by dialing * 123 * 209#. It costs 209 Tk Only. The validity period is 30 Days. 

 Robi 2 GB Offer 

 Still, you can check out this Robi Internet package, If you are a monthly internet user. This plan gives you 2 GB of Internet data for 28 Days. You can use this offer in multitudinous ways. You can spark directly online or telephone * 123 * 239#. 

3 GB Weekly Internet Pack 

 It’s for a heavy user of the week. You can use this package for a full week. 3 GB of data is for regular stoners. You can browse and search for an unlimited website through this package. 3 GB of Internet data costs 108 Taka for 7 Days. To spark this package, telephone * 123 * 108# 

4 GB Robi Internet Package 

 In this post, we will see how to get 4 GB of Robi Internet From Here.However, you can buy it with only 108 Taka, If you like Robi’s 4 GB internet offer. This is a great Robi Internet Offer 2022. It should be used with 4 GB of SIM 4G on the Internet. You get 4 GB of the Internet to buy this package. To admit this offer, telephone * 123 * 0108#. Valid for 07 days only. 

 Robi 4 GB 316 Tk 

 From the Robi offer, you can get 4 GB of internet for only 316 Taka for 28 Days. From there, you must use 512 MB of 4G SIM from the Internet. The Robi Internet offer may be the swish Internet for you. To spark this offer, telephone * 123 * 316# or recharge 316 Taka directly. The duration of the Internet is 28 Days. 

Robi 4 GB 179Tk Offer 

 Now I would like to partake in the 4 GB Robi Internet package for you. Guests can use this offer for a period of week.However, it will bring you Tk 179, If you want to take advantage of this offer. You get 4 GB on the Internet. With a 500 MB internet perquisite. Robi is a regular Internet plan. To start this 4 GB website, telephone * 123 * 179# or weight 179 Tk. The validity period is 07 days. 

 Robi 6 GB 148 Tk 

 This is a special Robi internet offer 2022. This offer includes 6 GB of Internet data with a free subscription to Robi TV. This package is designed for large Internet stoners. The 6 GB of data is valid for 7 Days. The cost of this package is 148 Tk. The activation law is * 123 * 148# 

7 GB Robi Internet Offer 

 Robi offers its guests 7 GB of the Internet. 5 GB for 3G and 2 GB for 4G Internet networks. Activation of this offer grants a free subscription to Robi Apps and RobiTV. It costs 399 BDT. The Validity is 30 Days. The activation law is * 123 * 399# 

 Robi 10 GB offer 

 Robi furnished a 10 GB internet offer for their heavy stoners. Now we will bat this offer with you. The price is 199 Tk for 10 GB oftheInternet.However, you can buy it from also, If you like this Robi internet offer 2022. To buy this 10 GB offer guests must phone * 123 * 0199# to take advantage of this offer. The Internet balance will expire after 07 days. 

Robi 15 GB Internet Package 

 Now Robi 15 GB Internet Package for its regular internet stoners. We will talk about the 15 GB of Internet offers. Still, Robi guests can use all the data offered also. Robi started 15 GB of the Internet at only 649 Tk. The factual validity period is 28 Days. 

 This data pack will be available for 28 days and the 15 GB Internet. Telephone * 123 * 649# if you wish to accept an offer. 

 Robi 20 GB Internet Pack 

Robi has launched a 20 GB Internet package for heavy professional internet stoners. It offers a wide range of Internet offers for guests. This pack is slightly different from other packages.However, this offer may be excellent, If a customer is looking for an Internet offer for a period of one month. It’s longer than other Internet plans. 

 In Robi Internet Offer 2022, you can buy a 20 GB Internet plan for only 911 Tk for 30 Days. Telephone * 123 * 0996# to take advantage of the offer. The data is valid for 30 Days. 

 Robi Offer MB 

 All types of offers are included in Robi offer MB 2022. You can choose you swish Robi MB offer truly easily from 

Robi Internet Offer 2020 | Latest MB Offer ROBI SIM 1 GB, 7GB Data Pack -  All New Job Circular
robi internet

Robi 250 MB 46 Tk Offer 

 With 46 BDT, Robi stoners can use 250 MB of the Internet, which is valid for 28 Days. This offer can be actuated by dialing * 121 * 110#. Online activation is also available on the Robi website

 Robi 750 MB for 14 Days 

 Still, this is the swish deal, If you want to enjoy 750 MB for 14 Days. It will bring you 74 Taka. This is an internet recharge offer. To spark the offer you can load 74 Tk. The validity period is 14 days. 

Robi Social Pack 

 Generally, the Social pack includes the Robi FB pack, Youtube pack, Robi IMO pack,etc. 

 Robi IMO Pack 2022 

 Most people are using IMO for video calling. So, Robi offers attractive Internet offers for clear HD video calls for IMO stoners. Robi IMO Pack is a truly excellent offer for guests who use IMO. By this Robi, IMO package stoners can connect with buddies and relatives at a truly cheap price. 

Robi offers a 1 GB IMO package for all guests with only 53 Taka. It’s the swish Robi Internet Offer 2022. This IMO package is a truly cheap offer furnished by the Robi network. The most interesting aspect is that this Robi IMO Pack expires in 28 Days. This is monthly packs and you can phone * 123 * 056# to admit this offer from Robi. 

 Robi Minute balance checking law 

 The minute balance checking law for Robi is * 222 * 8# 

 Robi SMS balance checking law 

SMS balance checking law for Robi is * 222 * 12# 

 Robi Internet balance checking law 

 Internet balance checking law for Robi is * 8444 * 88# 

How to Buy Robi internet offer?

The easy method is Robi Ghechang store recharge.

In this process, Robi drives one SMS on your number with the full list of your sim internet offer. Select one of those offers and get your own Robi internet pack 2021.

just recharge the exit amount on your sim to activate the internet offer.

What is the Robi Ghechang store recharge?

Before 2020 Bangladesh all telecom operators use SIM-TOOLKIT to top-Up their sim users. but, at this time all operators are using USSD CODE.

However, the easiest and most shopkeepers love this system. In this process TOP-up retailers and sim users see the offers are available on that sim.

Example of Robi GHECHANG recharge:

FROM ROBI TOP-UP SIM just dial  * 999* your SIM number#. 

38 Taka2 GB3 Days
47  Taka2 GB4 Days
48 Taka3 GB ( 1GB+2GB 4G)4 Days
76 Taka6 GB3 Days
101 Taka7 GB 4G7 Days
128 Taka12 GB28 Days
249 Taka20 GB28 Days
449 Taka45 GB30 Days

Robi MB Offer 2022:

If you are searching for Robi Mb offer 2022 then I am sure you are right now we Already showing all offers for all Robi sim internet users. you choose your favorite internet pack and enjoy Robi 4.5g high-speed internet

Internet PackPrice BDTPurchase CodeValidity
100 MB (FB & IMO)BDT 10*123*0010#3 days
100 MB FB + 100 MB IMO)BDT 19*123*019#3 days
250 MBBDT 46*123*110#28 days
350 MB (IMO)BDT 20*123*56#28  days
350 MB (FB & Whatsapp)BDT 18*123*0250#28  days
500 MB (Kuuk. tv)BDT 10*123*77#3 days
700 MB + 25 SMS + 25 MinBDT 58*123*058#7 days
750 MBBDT 74*123*0074#14 days
800 MB (600 FB+200MB)BDT 49*123*049#7 days
1GB + 75 Min + 30 SMSBDT 148*123*999# *123*00999#28 days
1 GBBDT 128*123*128#28 days
1 GBBDT 23*123*230#3 days
1GBBDT 41*123*41#3 days
1 GBBDT 48*123*48#4 days
1.1 GBBDT 101*123*101#7 days
1 GB+50 Min+100 SMSBDT 98*123*098#7 days
1 GB (PUBG)BDT 33*123*033#30 days
1 GB (FB & Whatsapp)BDT 49*123*250#30 days
1 GB IMO PackBDT 53*123*056#28 days
1.5 GBBDT 209*123*209#30 days
1.5 GBBDT 48*123*48#3 days
1.5 GBBDT 209*123*209#30 days
2 GBBDT 54*123*54#3 days
2 GBBDT 239*123*239#28 days
2GB+150Min+150 SMSBDT 251*123*251#28 days
2 GB ( 65*123*77*3#3 days
3 GBBDT 108*123*108#7 days
3 GBBDT61*123*061#3 days
4 GBBDT 108*123*0108#7 days
4 GBBDT 316*123*316#28 days
4.5 GBBDT 129*123*0129#7 days
5 GB+500Min+100 SMSBDT 599*123*599#30 days
6 GBBDT 148*123*148#7 days
7 GBBDT 399*123*399#28 days
10 GBBDT 501*123*501#28 days
10 GBBDT 199*123*0199#7 days
15 GBBDT 649*123*649#28 days
20 GB +500Min+200 SMSBDT 999*123*999#30 days
20 GB +500Min+200 SMSBDT 999*123*00999#30 days

How to check Robi internet offer? 

 Still, JUST telephone * 999# on your sim and see the all available net offer list on your mobile screen, If you are a Robi sim stoner. 

How to Buy Robi internet offer? 

 To buy a Robi internet offer you can use the Robi recharge system or you can also buy an internet offer from conventional mobile banking services in Bangladesh. Indeed if you have sufficient balance in the Robi SIM you use, you can easily buy Robi Internet Pack using Robi Internet offer law. 

How to Buy Robi internet offer yearly? 

 Robi Internet Offer To buy a 30 days validity package you need to handpick a 30 days validity internet pack from the Robi sanctioned banner and recharge the specified amount. Also, the Robi internet offer will be activated in your SIM for 30 days validity. 

 Robi Axiata Limited 

 Robi Axiata Limited is Bangladesh’s alternate-largest mobile telephone motorist and the country’s first to introduce GPRS and3.5 G services. The company has launched the first digital services of its kind in the world and has invested heavily in bringing mobile financial services to underserved communities in pastoral and semi-civic areas. 

 It’s a common adventure between Malaysia’s Axiata Group Berhad, Bharti Airtel Limited, India, and Japan’s NTT DoCoMo Inc. Axiata holds68.7 percent of the reality’s controlling stake, Bharti holds 25 percent while NTT DOCOMO of Japan holds the remaining6.3 percent. Robi is one of Bangladesh’s cellular motorists. They’ve been suitable to win guests’ hearts with the4.5 G service. At the moment they have released multitudinous internet deals for their guests. This post is intended for those seeking MB Offer, Robi internet Offer, Quotidian Offer, Diurnal Offer, and Monthly Offer. As there are a number of deals going. So we’ll present the deals for the convenience of our albums on several runners. 

 In conclusion, 

We hope in this post we help you to find details of Robi internet offer 2022. If this post is helpful we are happy. Engrave the bottommost Robi offer and stay and support me. 

Robi VoLTE

Robi Internet Offer | All Robi Internet Package List 2022,Robi Internet Offer | All Robi Internet Package List 2022,Robi Internet Offer | All Robi Internet Package List 2022,

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