১টি Paragraph দিয়ে সকল সমস্যামূলক Paragraph লেখার কৌশল


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একটি paragraph দিয়ে অনেক লেখার নিয়ম

Common Paragraph 01
1 . Acid thorowing15. . Crime in Cities
2. Trafic jam16.Terrorism
3 . Poverty alleviation17. Load shedding
4 . Flood Problems18 . Sound pollution
5. Copying in the examination19. Violance
6. . Air pollution20. Child Lur    
7.  Terrorism in the campus21. Arsenic Problem
8. . Environment Pollution 22. The life of a tokai    
9.  Black marketing23. . Unemployment problem
10.  Unadult marriage24. The life of a tokai          
11. . Road accident25. . Hijacking                        
12. .Load-shedding26. Terrorism in the campus
13.  Hartal day27. . Air pollution
14. Traffic jam28. Gambling
29. Gender Discrimination    30. Copying in the examination
31 Water pollution32 The curse of dowry    
33 The curse of dowry    34 Women & child trafficking
35.  Political chaos35.যে কোন সমস্যা বুঝালে এটি লিখলেই হবে ।
Paragraph লেখার কৌশল
Paragraph লেখার কৌশল

উপরের  যেকোন প্যারাগ্রাফ  নিচের  ফরম্যাটে  লিখবেন।

(N.P) Has become a common incident in our everyday life. we get the news of (N.P) The newspaper every day. (N.P)Is now a serious problem in Bangladesh. it is going out off control day by day. it makes a problem of all.

We cannot think ok a free life for it. it losses not only our lives but also our progress. the people have to suffer a lot for this. everyone feels this problem but cannot solve it. the bad effect of (N.P) of can better be understood than described. most of people are falling victim to this degree course. it destroys the standard of social life. all  Went a  good solution to this serious problem. public opinion must be taken to solve this problem.

The government, as well as conscious people, can play a vital role in this regard. the public administration should be conscious and active. this problem should be very soon if we want to survive this and prosper. nobody can remain idle in the face of sharks and alarming problems. the government it should take measures to control it. besides all of us, irrespective of caste, colour, religion and all ages should find out the remedy of this problem.

NOTE: প্রশ্নে যে প্যারাগ্রাফ আসবে N.P এরে স্থানে তার নাম লিখতে হবে ।
Paragraph লেখার কৌশল
Paragraph লেখার কৌশল

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