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Easy Freelance jobs Ideas For Beginners

Find freelance jobs online with these freelancer websites [2021 update] |  Ben Matthews
Freelance jobs online

Are you still trying to figure out where to start your freelancing career? Also are Freelance jobs ideas to help you get started. 

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7 Easy Freelance Jobs For Students That Require Little To No Experience
Freelance jobs

 With some fidelity, skill, and hard work, you ’ll be suitable to make further than$ 1000 a month following these job ideas. You can also do these jobs at home, full- time or part- time. The choice is yours. 

 I came up with these job ideas after doing a small exploration on popular freelancing commerce, including Fiverr, UpWork, Envato Studio, and People Per Hour. There were a cornucopia of job bulletins and freelance professionals following these job chops on the commerce to guarantee that these job ideas work. 

 Check out the list and see if you can find a job idea more suitable for your chops. 


 1. Composition Pen 

 Write papers for online magazines, news publishers, business journals,etc. 

 2. Blog Pen 

 Write for company blogs or be a blogger for hire. Keep in mind, writing for blogs requires different chops than writing for magazines and eBooks. 

 3. eBook Pen 

 Write tutorials, attendants, and strategies that get published as eBooks. 

 4. Fabrication Pen 

 Write short stories, runes, or indeed novels for other authors. I do this all the time and make around$ 800 –$ per job (depending on the content and length). 

 5. Web Content Pen 

 Write content for websites (eg about runners, Sequestration, and terms of service runners, etc). 

 6. Copywriter 

 Still, you can be a pen for brands to come up with great content for their online and print promotional juggernauts, If you ’re an expert in online marketing. 

 7. Writing Translator 

 Restate textbooks and documents in different languages. 

 8. Editor 

 Help other people write great content by showing them their misapprehensions and perfecting the overall quality of the work. 

 9. Proofreader 

 Got great ABC and jotting chops? Also use that skill to fix the crimes in other people’s work. 

 10. Press Release Pen 

 Write professional and straight-to-the- point newspaper for media outlets. 

 11. Ghost Pen 

 Write papers and blogs on behalf of other brands or people. 

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 12. Legal Pen 

 Write letters and documents to be used by attorneys, judges, and others in law. 

 13. Resume & Cover Letter Writer 

 Not everyone knows how to write a winning capsule or a cover letter. Help those people land a job. 

 14. Product Description Pen 

 Write killer descriptions for products and services, works for both online and print. 

 15. Recap Pen 

 Hear audio lines and convert speech to textbook. Or, write reiterations to be used on audio recordings, similar to jingles and audio commercials. 

 16. Specialized Pen 

 Write product primers, attestation, specialized attendants,etc. 

 17. Guest Pen 

 Still, you can take jobs from brands and services to write about their products, If you have a blog or have authorization to publish on popular blogs. 

 18. Academic Writing 

 Help floundering scholars to write their academic papers and council essays. 

 Graphic Design 

 19. Totem Inventor 

 Still, this is a job that can make you an easy plutocrat, If you ’ve got creative chops and knowledge in using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. 

 20. Photoshop Editor 

 Edit, resize, fix, convert, and optimize images with Photoshop for other people. 

 21. Website Mockup Inventor 

 Photoshop is vastly used for designing website mockups. It’s a high- paying job if you have the demanded chops. 

 22. Photo Editor 

 Help people enhance their ordinary cinema, change backgrounds, and bring them those prints to a professional position. 

 23. Photo Retouching 

 Retouching and adding makeup through Photoshop is one of the highest- paid jobs on Fiverr. 

 24. Graphic/ Poster Inventor 

 Design digital and print bills, Facebook covers, and other types of plates. 

 25. Icon Design 

 Design unique icons for brands and businesses to be used with websites and print. 

 26. Bespeak Cover Innovator 

 Produce book covers for digital and print books. 

 27. T-Shirt Innovator 

 Know how to design hardwired T-Shirts? Also this job is for you. 

 28. Infographic Inventor 

 Infographic design is a high- demand job that pays$ 400 –$ per design and occasionally indeed more. 

 29. CAD Inventor 

 Draft designs related to armature and structural engineering fields. 

 30. Vector Inventor 

 Design plates and content in vector format to be used in print assiduity. 

 31. Cartoon Artist 

 Design comics and cartoons for brands and magazines. 

 32. Banner/ Announcement Innovator 

 Design digital and print adverts similar as billboards, cutouts, and website banners. 

 33. Marriage Album Inventor 

 Another high- paying job with rising demand. 

 34. Sketch Artist 

 Help people turn their ideas into cinema or craft puppets. 

 35. Digital Artist 

 Draw cinema, choreographies, and beautiful artworks using digital software. 

 36. Vector Illustrator 

 Draw illustrations and art to be used on websites. 

 37. Publish Innovator 

 Design leaflets, circulars, business cards,etc. 

 38. Concept Artist 

 Video games and vitality are roaring assiduity. Use your chops to help those inventors come up with great generalities for their creative work. 

 39. Canvas Painter 

 Old- school, but I saw a lot of people dealing with canvas oil as a service on Reddit and a couple of other spots. 

 40. Flier Inventor 

 Help businesses promote their products with creative leaflet designs. 

 41. Folder Innovator 

 Make folder designs for brands and businesses. 

 Web Development 

 42. Front- End Innovator 

 Front- end design is where the look and sense of the website take place. 

 43. Back- End Inventor 

 The hinder- end inventor is the joe who’s in charge of developing the algorithms for the core of a website or web app. 

 44. UX/ UI Inventor 

 Educate anterior- end inventors how to design websites and interfaces that facilitate the stoner experience. 

 45. Plugin Inventor 

 Develop plugins for websites and WordPress. 

 46. WordPress Expert 

 Help people set up their WordPress websites and blogs. 

 47. Web Root Inventor 

 Design specific sources and icon sources to be used with websites. 

 48. Bug Fixing 

 Help people figure out what’s wrong with their websites and apps. 

 49. Garçon Director 

 Take charge of garçon- side tasks, similar as configuring apps and administering proper security. 

 50. Website Builder 

 Offer sphere name, hosting, and website structure services to businesses. 

App Development 

 51. App UI Inventor 

 Design stoner interfaces for mobile apps. 

 52. App Inventor 

 Develop the backend of mobile apps. 

 53. Game Inventor 

 Platoon up with game inventors to produce great Android and iOS games. 


 54. Financial Advisor 

 Educate and give advice to startups and businesses how to handle their plutocrats. 

 55. Legal Adviser 

 Help businesses and individualities handle legal issues and avoid fraud. 

 56. SEO Adviser 

 Show businesses how to optimize a website to rank high on Google to ameliorate business. 

 57. Health Advisor 

 Give advice to people on how to stay healthy. 

 58. Parenting Advisor 

 It’s tough being a parent, especially in this period of time. Educate those new mothers and daddies how to handle their youths. 

 59. Fitness Advisor 

 Help people make diet plans, exercise routines, and to get fit. 

 60. Career Advisor 

 Help people choose the right career path and find success with their job. Like what I ’m trying to do also. 

 Videotape Product 

 61. Preamble Vids 

 Produce foreword videos for businesses and products. 

 62. Explainer Videos 

 Produce cool videos that explain a product, like that Dropbox videotape. 

 63. Videotape Vouchers 

 Produce vids telling the world how you love certain products. It’s kind of big these days on YouTube. 

 64. Stop- Stir Vids 

 Produce miraculous robustness using the stop-stir fashion. 

 65. Videotape Animator 

 Produce animated videotape corridor for YouTubers and businesses. 

 66. Social Media Videotape Creator 

 Produce promotional videos for promoting brands on social media platforms. 

 67. YouTube Video Editor 

 Help YouTubers edit and ameliorate their videos. 

 Audio Production 

 68. Voice-Over Artist 

 Got a great voice? Also start using it right. 

 69. Audio Editor 

 Help people edit and perfect their podcasts and other audio content. 

 70. Audio Translator 

 There are spoken languages in the world. People are always looking for someone to help restate foreign audio content to English. 

 71. Music Composition 

 Compose background music, sound goods, and jingles. 

 72. Record Podcast Adverts 

 Help online brands produce cool adverts to be used with podcasts. 

 Virtual Backing 

 73. Virtual Assistant 

 Help people run a business by handling their meetings, schedules, tasks,etc. 

 74. Data Entry 

 Type published/ hard dupe documents and data into digital form. 

 75. Marketing Strategist 

 Produce effective online marketing strategies for brands. 

 76. Social Media Director 

 Help brands manage their social media channels and keep their followers entertained. 

 77. Live Chat Agent 

 Be a live representative for companies to help them make further deals. 

 78. Recruiting Agent 

 Help businesses retain great workers and freelancers. 

 79. Client Support Representative 

 Support guests break their problems with products and services. 

 80. Zendesk Adviser 

 Show people how to more manage guests and support systems. 

 81. Project Manager 

 Manage large systems for companies. 

 82. Chronicler 

 Be an account clerk for companies to keep records of their important deals. 

 83. Specialized Assistant 

 Help people and businesses break their specialized issues, similar to computer problems. 


 84. Explainer Video Tape Vitality 

 Produce characters and robustness to use as explainer videos. 

 85. 3D Model Innovator 

 Design 3D models for colorful purposes ( cabinetwork, vehicles, etc). 


 86. Lead Creator 

 Help businesses increase leads and grow deals through software similar to Magento and Zendesk. 

 87. Donation Innovator 

 Design and craft content for PowerPoint donations for colorful purposes. 

 88. Online Advertising Expert 

 Help brands run successful announcement juggernauts online (AdWords, Facebook Adverts, etc). 

 89. Social Media Editor 

 Craft content, plates, and posts optimized for social networks. 

 90. Dispatch Innovator 

 Design killer emails, dispatch templates, and dispatch designs that get more clicks. 

 91. Dispatch Outreach 

 Help brands reach out to other businesses, blogs, and publications via dispatch. 

 92. Traffic Generation 

 Show people how to induce business for their websites. 

 93. Write Product Reviews 

 Be a notice for hire and offer to write product reviews for businesses. 

 94. Keyword Research 

 Help people probe all kinds of online keywords related to their assiduity. 

 95. PR Submission 

 Still, offer it as a service to promote special product adverts (eg rearmost smartphone releases, app releases, If you know how to communicate popular blogs and publications. 

 96. Market Research 

 Help businesses dissect and probe the request to learn about their target cult. 

 97. Branding Services 

 Produce catchy taglines, taglines, and brand names for new companies. 

 98. Outdoor Advertising 

 Get in touch with companies to offer to promote them on billboards, spin- boards,etc. 

 99. Content Strategist 

 Produce content strategies and plans for promoting businesses and brands. 

 100. Content Marketer 

 Request hardwired content developed by brands and businesses. 


 101. Freelance Photographer 

 Work as a freelance shooter for original guests. 

 102. YouTube Thumbnail Artist 

 Produce custom art for YouTubers to use in their videotape thumbnails. 

 103. Website Notice 

 Offer to show all the misapprehensions in websites and how to fix them. 

 104. Data Analyst 

 Anatomize data and turn them into excel wastes, graphs, and dashboards. 

 105. Produce Documents 

 Learn how to work with PDF documents and how to produce great eBooks using InDesign. 

 106. Gaming Help 

 Believe it or not, there are gamers who are willing to pay to get a boost for their Clash of Clans or League of Legends platoon. Use your gaming chops to help those guys out. 

 107. Cuisine Assignments 

 Educate people how to make fop and rubbish. 

 108. Makeup Assignments 

 Not everyone knows how to do it right. 

 109. Stoner Testing 

 Offer to test brand new apps, software, and websites for companies to find excrescences. 

 110. Trip Diary 

 Most people like getting advice from locals on traveling to hit the right spots when they visit. 

 111. Private Educator 

 Educate people how to speak English, play guitar,etc. 

 112. Twitch Effuse Creator 

 Produce Twitch emotes and banners for pennants 

 Still, feel free to partake in the commentary section, If you ’ve got any other great job ideas for freelancers. 

 General Freelance jobs websites 

 Not sure what assiduity you want to break into yet?I Fully Understand.However, with chops that gauge a broad diapason of assiduity, it can be delicate to zero in on one career path, If you ’re a generalist like me. 

 Take a look at the following Freelance jobs spots to begin with. They feed to a wide range of acidity. One may just pique your interest. 

1. FlexJobs 


 FlexJobs is a well- known job website immolation job bulletins from numerous popular companies. It’s geared towards Freelancers, Remote workers and those looking for further flexible work options that differ from the standard 9-5. 

 One of the vital points of value for this point, is the job registries are all hand screened. This ensures there are no swindles, adverts and dodgy links. 

 The subscription options go from$14.99 per month to$29.95 every quarter and$49.95 per time. 

 2. Fiverr 


 Fiverr is a popular platform where freelancers announce jobs they will complete starting from$ 5. There’s a cornucopia of competition within the platform, still numerous freelancers have seen success by utilizing orders which go well above the$ 5 base price. 

 As an illustration, there are totem design gigs that reach an excess of£ 300. 

 3. Power to Fly  powertofly 

 Innovated in 2014 Power to Fly points to connect Fortune 500 companies and growing startups with women looking for further flexible and different companies who value addition and gender diversity. 

 Their job board lists positions in 


 Product and design 

 Deals and marketing 

 And numerous other orders, including remote and transnational jobs. 

 Along with featuring vital companies, they offer Career Advice, Events, Video Chats and Coaching sessions geared towards helping you secure the right job for you. 

 4. SolidGigs  solid gigs 

 SolidGigs is a commodity a little different. A product of Millo who have been helping freelancers for over a decade, their platoon hand- picks from multiple jobs boards every day to shoot you the top 1 of jobs available. 

 The point also has a huge library of training and education coffers gathered from some of the voguish minds in freelancing and solopreneurship. You can subscribe up and try out the service for$ 2. Also after that, the price is$ 19 every month but you can cancel at any time. 

 5. Pangian  pangian 

 Pangian is a website devoted to job contenders looking for completely remote positions. Their job board is streamlined daily with immolations from the likes of GitHub, Zapier and other well given completely distributed companies. 

 It’s free to browse and apply for jobs on Pangian, still access to so- called Pro Jobs’, requires a periodic subscription of€7.50 yearly. 

 6. Undergarments Worker  underwear worker 

 Undergarments Worker is a less conventional Freelance jobs website with the end of helping those of us looking to work ever (or in our undergarments). Masterminds, Contrivers, Judges and Support interpreters can find a cornucopia of positions to sift through. 

 Not only can you produce your own profile and admit dispatch updates of new jobs, but the filtering options are also emotional too. 

 7. Upwork  upwork 

 Upwork is one of the numerous job spots where freelancers need to bid on job registries. The idea is you pitch your offer to a particular job and the employer chooses which pitch succeeds. In turn, the successful pitch or shot lands the job. 

 Freelancers should be advised that Upwork will take a 20% cut of your earnings until you have an established relationship with a customer. 

 8. CloudPeeps  cloudpeeps 

 CloudPeeps is a more exclusive platform for connecting guests and freelancers. It can be hard to join yet the class of work is important if you do manage to get accepted. 

 Guests post jobs and freelancers can also shoot their hand- drafted proffers in order to contend for the job. 

 It should be noted that how numerous proffers you can shoot is limited. This can be increased by copping one of the subscription options ranging from$ 9 to$ 29 per month. 

 9. Indeed  indeed 

 It’s likely that you ’re formerly familiar with Indeed. This is a website that collects all the jobs on the internet and lists them all in one place. That includes Freelance jobss, remote jobs, position specific jobs,etc. 

 The advanced hunt function makes it easier to drill-down into the type of work you ’re looking for and the quick formerly click operation option is super helpful. Simply upload your CV and it’s there staying for your coming operation. 

 10. College Beginner 

 Still, College Beginner is a great resource, If you ’re a pupil or recently graduated. Browsing this website will furnish you with the type of freelance and part- time jobs available combined to your field of study. 

 These are entry- position positions yet they ’re ideal for getting a bottom in the door towards gaining experience and more serious contracts. 


 Another job website where you contend with other freelancers, Freelancer allows you to submit proffers for either hourly systems or contests. To begin with, you’re only allocated 8 operations. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay to be a member. 

 This point also has a design figure. One of the cheaper rates of commission is 3-5 or$ 3-5. 

 12. Practitioner 


 Kindly analogous to Freelancer, Guru is a great place to produce a profile and display your freelance experience. It also makes it easier for employers to find you while you search through the large number of quotidian job registries. 

 The number of free operations you admit with Practitioner is distributed per time and each design commission is around 9. 

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